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The "Attercops" Squad

  • 4 487 руб.
Артикул: The Attercops Squad 6 models
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The "Attercops" Squad (6 models)
Набор предназначен для сборки отряда, состоящего из 6-ти рядовых бойцов.

The "Attercops" Squad (9 models)
Набор предназначен для сборки отряда, состоящего из 9-ти рядовых бойцов.
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  • 23.11.2016 00:07
    Hey, i would like to know if it is possible to order 4 of oyur attercops moddels and a squadleader? If so, please contact me with price for the modells and shilpping to germany,
    • 24.11.2016 18:41
      Hello. In the near future this set will be back in stock. Here is the product card ( http://detalik.ru/ghost-miniatures/attercops-squad-1-4-models ). I put you on a waiting list and will reply as soon as he arrives.
  • 23.09.2016 19:34
    Hey your models are amazing! I would like to order 15 Attercops and 3 Attercop squad leaders. Would you be able to send a PayPal invoice to my email address?
    • 25.09.2016 14:07
      I sent the invoice to your email address. Thank you for your order!
  • 03.07.2016 01:41
    They models are great. Easy to paint and my order always arrives quickly. Also the order process is very easy
    • 03.07.2016 12:08
      I am very glad that you liked it. We work for our clients.
  • 16.06.2016 21:21
    Can i use GW primers and paints on these models. Do they need any special prepping first. Also Please do more Phoeinx Lords.
    • 17.06.2016 09:28
      Yes, you can use a standard primer from GW. New models are bound to be in the future, but I can't give an exact date.
  • 13.06.2016 17:06
    Hello im sunday i paid for The "Attercops" Squad, 6 models can i get a verification e mail. Thank you
    • 15.06.2016 07:12
      Your parcel was sent on Tuesday. I've sent the tracking number for the parcel on your e-mails.
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