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The "Attercops" Squad Leader (full)


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Командир пауков(полная версия)

В наборе находятся детали для сборки командира пауков.

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  • Aeldari 03.07.2018 16:40
    Hello ! Amongst all the alternative miniatures available, I have to say these are probably the nicest alternative aeldaris I found. I'm about to order an attercop squad of 9 + squad leader and I'm still hesitating on the wing squad , unfortunately I don't understand Russian. Would you mind telling me the procedure and the shipping fees to France, please.
    Great job there :)
    • Администратор 12.08.2018 20:14
      Answered your email.
  • Tim 13.03.2017 09:08
    I'd very much like to buy some of your miniatures but need help with creating an account.
    • Администратор 14.03.2017 13:54
      In order to place an order is not required to create an account. You can simply place your order through the shopping cart of the website, or write a letter using the feedback form and we will reply to you.
  • dan 02.01.2017 21:00
    hello, love the models. would like to get 1 attercops leader and 6 model attercops unit when available. thank you
    • Администратор 12.01.2017 20:47
      The invoice sent to your email.
  • Ben 08.10.2016 10:36
    I would like one of these Attercops leaders as soon as available. I just placed a large order.
    • Администратор 08.10.2016 19:23
      Thanks for the order. I answered you on email.
  • Jonathan 10.03.2016 00:05
    I would like to order one of these and Attercops Unit, 6 Models as soon as they are available!
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