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"The Herald of Death"


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Предвестник смерти

В наборе вы найдете детали для полной сборки модели с альтернативным рабором рук и дополниительной головой в другом шлеме.

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  • James 22.05.2018 12:19
    If you still make "The Herold of Death" could you let me know when it is in stock and available for shipping to the UK? Thanks.
    • Администратор 27.05.2018 15:50
      OK. Sure. I put you on the waiting list.
  • GERMANO LOBO 11.02.2018 20:41
    Quanto custa enviar para o Brasil essa mini. qual o valor total com envio
    • Администратор 12.02.2018 12:02
      Replied to your email
  • Bernard 19.03.2017 14:06
    Do you accept paypal and can you deliver to Australia, this model looks amazing , great work guys!
    • Администратор 19.03.2017 14:13
      Replied to your email
  • Melanie 12.03.2017 03:57
    I would love an alert once this is back in stock (The Herold of Death)
    • Администратор 14.03.2017 15:13
      OK. We'll send a message to your e-mail.
  • Kim 02.03.2017 20:57
    Hi, I'm really interested by "The Herold of Death" and the "Attercops" Squad (1+4 models), tell me please when the both are available, I'm ready to pay it on Paypal for a delivery in France.
    Thank You.
    • Администратор 03.03.2017 18:51
      OK. I have added you to the waiting list and poisoned a notification on your e-mails.
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