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Type S, 3 models

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Набор содержит 45 деталей для сборки отряда из трех Копьеносцев на джетбайках. Подставки в комплект не входят.

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  • Andreoni Stefano 22.12.2017 13:43
    Hi, I am interested to buy 2 sets of the s jetbikes and one leader upgrade.
    Can you deliver in Italy? I can pay with paypal. Can I have also the shipping cost?
    Best regards
    • Администратор 23.12.2017 19:25
      Answered your e-mail.
  • Leigh 27.11.2017 09:24
    I am interested in purchasing 2 sets of your type s jetbikes plus one leader ugrade pack.
    Do you deliver to Australia?
    • Администратор 27.11.2017 17:00
      Hello. Yes, we can send the model standard airmail to other countries.
  • Eddie Korando 01.10.2017 22:00
    Hi, I am interested in purchasing one set of the type S jetbikes (3 models). Could you email me with the details of the transaction (your paypal, along with shipping costs and expected delivery time for US locations).
    • Администратор 02.10.2017 15:01
      Responded to your e-mail.
  • Simon 27.09.2017 01:13
    Hello! I would like to buy 9 total of these models. Can it be delivered in Denmark?
    • Администратор 27.09.2017 19:54
      Answered you on email
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