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Type S, 3 models


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Набор содержит 45 деталей для сборки отряда из трех Копьеносцев на джетбайках. Подставки в комплект не входят.

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  • Glenn 01.10.2018 02:04
    Hello I would like to purchase 1x type g squad and 1x squad s please
    • Администратор 23.10.2018 15:51
      Answered your email.
  • andre filthuth 30.08.2018 21:13
    I like to the waiting list for 2*Type S, 3 models, 1*Type S, 3 models (female version) and 1* Type A, alone model
    • Администратор 02.09.2018 22:56
      Replied to your email.
  • Jesse Oechsner 30.07.2018 08:02
    Hello. Any estimate on when this kit will be available again?
    • Администратор 01.08.2018 23:58
      They periodically end and appear in stock, because are in high demand. I've added you to the waiting list, and I'll let you know when they're in stock.
      • Andrew 14.08.2018 16:03
        Can you add me to the waiting list too?
        • Администратор 18.08.2018 17:46
          Replied to your email.
  • Brandon 03.05.2018 02:25
    I would like to buy two of these kits and on kit of the female version.
    • Администратор 05.05.2018 17:18
      I have added you to the waiting list and will inform you when the required quantity will be available.
  • Adam 20.04.2018 04:29
    Hi, I'm really interested in these, do you know when they will be available again?
    • Администратор 21.04.2018 17:36
      Responded to your e-mail
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